Frequently Asked Questions

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The card should be inserted into the Smart display with the contacts facing you

This indicates that the Smart has been reset and so the card needs to be initialised. 
Start Trax_card and put the card into your computer. Click on the card icon and then update to make sure that everything has been copied from the card to the computer. 
Click on the card icon again and this time, use the initialise button. When it finishes, eject the card and it will now work in your display.

This is not a Trax problem as the card has not been recognised by your computer. 
If this is the first time you have used the card with your computer it may be that your card reader is not compatible with the Mobile MMC cards that Eco-eye uses. This could well be the reason if you are using a lap-top. The solution is to get a USB card reader and use that instead.

Card readers are available in our shop. 

If the card has been used before, check with Windows explorer or Mac finder to see if the card is there. If not, try taking it out and putting it back in. 
Contact support if you are still having problems