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For monitoring and easy display of electricity use

Eco-Eye Smart

Eco-Eye Smart Electricity Monitor is our third generation design of energy monitor, the Smart is a very clever monitor indeed.

Recommended for:   Family's, Couples, small offices, 

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Eco Eye Plug In 2 - NEW!

The All new Eco Eye Plug in 2,

we have a limited number of samples we are selling and we want your feedback!

Eco-Eye Smart PC

Eco-Eye Smart PC Electricity Monitor, Everything you need for PC connectivity in one box.

Recommended for: Families, Couples, Small offices

Eco-Eye Upgrade Pack

Smart Upgrade Pack Suitable for all original Elite and Mini users 

Recommended for:  Existing Users of Eco Eye with older models

Eco-Eye Elite 2

With a large, clear screen our Eco-eye Elite Electricity Monitor is suitable for wall mounting as well as desk or table top use. 

Recommended users: Businesses, Family's, Schools 

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Eco Eye Plug-In

Eco-Eye Plug-in A handy little device which is ideal for measuring the power consumed by an individual electrical appliance. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have reduced the price accordingly as we only have € (euro) symbol plug in's left, but this plug-in performs exactly the same just a different currency symbol

Recommended for: Existing Users, Couples, Small Businesses, Families

Eco-Eye Mini 2

Eco Eye Mini Energy Monitor, This is the second generation enhanced version of the original Mini comes with a dual tariff function which is perfect if you pay two different tariffs for your electricity.

Recommended For:   Couples, small Families 

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