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This can be caused by the batteries in the tranmitter by your meters being flat and the tranmitter LED slows down to an 8 second send rate rsather than 4 - change the batteries and the graph will go back to normal.

The latest version is in the downloads associated with the products that it will work with. There are installers for Windows and Mac computers.
Email: support@eco-eye.com for details
Trax can be used with Smart, Smart PC and Smart PV and allows you to download information to your computer
Using Trax you can:
Download history
Input multiple electricity tariffs
Export data to Excel spreadsheets
View detailed graphs from 4 seconds to month view
analyse data from multiple memory cards
set up automatic email alerts to yourself for daily usage or high usage reports

This indicates that the Smart has been reset and so the card needs to be initialised.

Start Trax_card and put the card into your computer. Click on the card icon and then update to make sure that everything has been copied from the card to the computer. Click on the card icon again and this time, use the initialise button. When it finishes, eject the card and it will now work in your display.

You will need to do 2 things:

  • Make sure that you are on the latest version of Trax.

  • If you have a USB cable with a black USB end you will need to order a new USB cable as it is not compatible with windows 10. Wait for a while after plugging the USB cable into your computer for the drivers to download.