Frequently Asked Questions

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Use the green round button to get the display to AMPS. Press the red square button. A number between 30 and -30 will be displayed. 30 to – 15 should be good. Anything below -25 means you could be losing information. Moving the Smart display and the transmitter even just a small amount can make a big difference to radio reception.

In order to remove the Battery cover, press the middle of the top part of the battery cover on the rear of the display and the battery cover will unclip. 

As well as retaining many of the features included in the Elite and Mini, Eco-eye Smart has many extra ones. It can connect to a computer with a data cable (live data) or a memory card (historical data), Eco-eye Smart allows you to set your own daily usage target which is displayed in a graph on the screen. It also has LED traffic light load indicators which you can set to show your instantaneous usage. Battery life has been extended to 2 years+ in the display unit, dependent on battery choice and data output options.

It is available in four options:

Eco-eye Smart – Smart display, transmitter and sensor – without computer accessories

Eco-eye Smart PC – as above but with data cable and memory card for computer connectivity

Eco-eye Smart Upgrade – Smart display unit, data cable and memory card for use with the existing Elite and Mini systems

Eco-eye Smart PV – Specially configured for use with micro-generation and photovoltaic installations

For more information on Smart see Eco-eye Monitor Comparison Chart or Features on the Eco-eye Smart Page
In theory you can hold 10 years’ data on the memory card without downloading it. This data can be viewed at 4 second resolution. However it would be normal to transfer data from the memory card to your computer on a weekly basis.
No – Eco-eye Smart is only compatible with the specially formatted Eco-eye memory card which comes with Smart PC/PV or separately as an additional item.

You can download and analyse your data using our free Trax software which is supplied on the memory card. Trax can also be downloaded from the Smarty product pages

Use the green round button on the display to get it to show KW. Press and hold the green rectangular button until SET and the Voltage comes up. Press the green rectangular button again. The version number will be displayed for about a second before the display reverts to KW.
The Smart display and transmitter can be upgraded using the USB cable. Contact support for details of the latest versions.