Additional products for use with Eco-eye monitors

Lithium AA batteries

Pack of 4 Energiser Lithium batteries. Not affected by the cold so especially good for use in the Eco-eye transmitter

Memory Card Slot Cleaning Kt

Memory Card Slot Cleaner

Remove the dust in the slot of your Eco Eye or digital Camera.

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Cleaning Cloth with a special material. Can also remove dust and fingerprints on the surface of your CD, LCD Monitor, Lens etc. 

Energyhive - Real Time Hub

The Energyhive hub will connect your Eco-eye SmartPV with the internet giving you remote, real-time access to your system.

Memory Card Reader

Card Reader Plug and play high speed data transfer USB power supply. No external power required. Suitable for use with the Eco-eye Memory Card which comes with Eco-eye Smart PC..

Eco Eye Plug In 2 - NEW!

The All new Eco Eye Plug in 2,

we have a limited number of samples we are selling and we want your feedback!

Eco Eye Plug-In

Eco-Eye Plug-in A handy little device which is ideal for measuring the power consumed by an individual electrical appliance. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have reduced the price accordingly as we only have € (euro) symbol plug in's left, but this plug-in performs exactly the same just a different currency symbol

Recommended for: Existing Users, Couples, Small Businesses, Families

Eco-Eye Solo SmartPV

Used in conjunction with your main Eco-eye Smart PV system, this additional display has the same range of information and updates simultaneously using the same wireless connection.

USB Data Cable

USB Data Cable For use with Eco-eye Smart and Eco-eye Elite 100/200 Enables a real-time data stream direct to a PC or system network 

Data Cable for serial output to ARDUINO or other board

Data Cable for use with the 6 way socket found on Eco Eye Transmitters and Smart Displays. This cable has loose wires for connection to your project..

Please note:

This is for developers and people who are using Arduinos or other device that needs a serial connection.

For Raspberry Pi you can use our standard USB cable as the drivers are already in Linux


Smart Accessory Bundle

Smart Accessory Bundle Save money when you purchase a USB data cable and Eco-eye Memory Card together.

Eco-Eye Solo Elite2

Monitor only, Dual Tariff, Wall mountable, Demand monitor

Recommended for: Existing users of Eco Eye who wish to have more than one display

Eco Eye Smart Solo

Solo Smart – Additional Display Unit Only Used in conjunction with your main Eco-eye Smart system

Eco Eye Mains Power Supply

Mains Adapter If you wish, you can power Eco-eye from the mains using our optional AC/DC power adaptors. 

Eco Eye Additional Sensor(17.5mm)

Eco-Eye Additional Sensor (Large) 17.5mm Additional sensors can be used with the Eco-eye Elite and Mini for multiple phase supplies or in situations where two powers supplies need to be monitored.

Eco-Eye Additional Sensor (13mm)

Eco-Eye Additional Sensor (Standard) Additional sensors can be used with the Eco-eye Elite and Mini for three phase supplies or in situations where two powers supplies need to be monitored.

Eco Eye Solo Mini 2

Eco-Eye Solo Mini 2 An extra Mini 2 display unit for use with Elite V2, Elite 200, Mini 2

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