Eco Eye Smart 600

Eco Eye Smart 600

Eco Eye Smart 600

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Eco-eye Smart 600 offers data logging to a memory card and live readings through a USB cable. Each of the 3 large sensors can handle up to 200 amps.

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Eco-eye Smart is at the very centre of our new and evolving family of domestic and commercial energy monitoring products. It is simple to operate whilst allowing the user to display and analyse the data received in detail, with or without connection to a PC or computer.

Like all Eco-eye monitors, the large and uncluttered screen features a single numeric value for each display option and allows the user to easily view their preferred mode (KW, Cost, Amps, etc.) with any time period (hour, day, week, month or year). The unit also has a resettable ‘counter’ mode which allows the user to measure usage over any time period.

Eco-eye Smart is a ‘wire-free’ device that utilizes cutting edge micro-power technology avoiding the need for a main power connection whilst still retaining the fastest update rate of any monitor. Eco-eye Smart updates every 4 seconds – that’s over 20,000 updates a day – yet a pair of standard batteries in the display and sensor will provide an estimated life of around 2 years. There is also an option to use AC mains adaptors at the sensor and receiver if preferred.

All incoming transmissions are signified by flashing one of the three LED ‘traffic lights’ to indicate whether the current load is in line with the user’s chosen settings.

The user can input their own total daily usage target (KWh) which is constantly displayed graphically – there is also a real-time mode which displays the actual percentage of the target used and is updated every 4 seconds.

Eco-eye Smart is able to transfer data to a PC, either in real-time using the USB interface cable or with the total of the 3 phases logged to an MMC card. The MMC card has a capability of storing up to 10 years’ data at a resolution of 4 seconds granularity and can be analysed in close detail using our ‘Trax’ software.

There is an option to stream the 3 phases separately to a computer connected to the transmitter. For this use the TraxTX program which can be downloaded from the Trax page

Eco-eye Smart is also firmware upgradable by the user and is equipped with transceiver technology enabling bi-directional wireless data transfer to ensure that it remains compatible with the evolving Eco-eye energy management product range.

Product Displays

  • KW- Hour, day, week, month, year (instant load)
  • Cost (£,$,€, Money Icon) - Hour, Week, Day, Month, Year
  • Amps
  • Time 
  • Temperature (at Display)
  • Programmable Display
  • Target Graph 

Pack contains:

  • 1 x Smart display unit
  • 3 x Large 200A 17.5mm x 22.5mm Sensors
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Eco-eye Memory Card
  • 1 x Data cable
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • 2 x C cell batteries
  • Plastic access key
  • Instructions

  • Tony Crockett

    Purchased this 3 phase unit to confirm (or otherwise) an odd usage report from our main supplier. It is really simple to install, setup and use the memory card logging system. The range of the wireless link appears perfectly adequate for the small light industrial premises. The precision is fine for checking daily loads (at around 40kW in our case) whilst it can pick out the cleaners coming in after hours and turning on lights.
    I purchased this as I use the domestic solar system Eco-Eye at home, which is also simple to use and works well.
    After sales tech support from Eco-Eye is prompt and hugely better and more personal than just about any similar type of industrial and consumer equipment I have had to use, whose suppliers go out of their way not to talk to anyone, unlike Eco-Eye. Recommended all round.


    I now have two Eco-Eye Smart monitors running continuously to monitor the behaviour of a private drainage system serving a number of houses. Shortly after we all took possession of these houses from new, we discovered that rainwater was finding its way into the foul water drains during heavy downpours. This is generally regarded as a serious fault as the extra throughput can severely overload the treatment plant and affect its performance. The builder denied that the problem existed and, as it occurs both infrequently and suddenly, there was no easy way to ensure that an independent expert was on hand to observe the additional flow taking place during a rain storm

    This problem was overcome by monitoring the energy usage of the pumps used to pump the treated effluent away from the treatment plant. Each pump activation discharged a similar volume of water and by monitoring the number and timing of the pump activations, it was possible to establish very precisely the amount of water passing through the system over any given time. By comparing this with local rainfall data, it was soon possible to show conclusively that rainwater was entering our drainage system.

    The Eco-Eye current sensor and transmitter were placed in the treatment plant control box and monitors sited in two of the houses. There were teething problems with signal reception because of the distances involved but, with careful locating of the transmitter and receivers these were overcome. We also experienced difficulty in getting the Trax software working on an Apple iMac computer and managed to corrupt the original memory card. Eco-Eye Support came to the rescue, taking us through the set up on the iMac on more than one occasion and providing a replacement card. Now the system is running routinely and providing the date, time, duration and energy usage of every pump activation and, by such means, continually logging the load on the treatment plant.

    This solution cost around 200 to implement (together, it must be said, with quite a lot of my time). Had we brought in a specialist company to investigate the problem, the likely cost would have been very, very much greater and involved far more complex equipment.

    So far, our monitoring equipment has been in routine use and working well for almost a year. Long may it do so! Thank you Eco-Eye for a very effective and versatile product.

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