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Eco Eye Plug In 2 - NEW!

The All new Eco Eye Plug in 2,

we have a limited number of samples we are selling and we want your feedback!

Eco Eye Plug-In

Eco-Eye Plug-in A handy little device which is ideal for measuring the power consumed by an individual electrical appliance. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have reduced the price accordingly as we only have € (euro) symbol plug in's left, but this plug-in performs exactly the same just a different currency symbol

Recommended for: Existing Users, Couples, Small Businesses, Families

Intelligent Immersion I2

About the I2: - Designed and Manufactured in the UK - The Intelligent Immersion I2 Stores your Excess Micro Generated Energy to give you free hot water or space heating.

Intelligent Immersion I3

An update to the I2 which looks nearly the same but includes powerful new features. It has a Wi-Fi transmitter built in that enables a smartphone, tablet or PC to control and monitor the I3 from the internet or locally via your router. Graphs and dials showing energy flows in the I3, such as on the dashboard here, can be displayed. Single click on it to show a larger view. Four different current transformer sensors can be monitored. (Order up to 2 extra sensors above)