24mm Replacement Tap Spout Aerator Nozzle with Male Thread

24mm Replacement Tap Spout Aerator Nozzle with Male Thread

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New water saving aerators Auto-Spring, we can save very big amounts of water with very small costs!

Price: £3.00

You can simply replace your old faucet filter with the New Auto-Spring Water Saving Aerator and have the following benefits: 


- Flow Rate 1.3 Gallons per Minute or 5 Litters per Minute. Ideal for kitchen faucets. bathroom taps & utility rooms 

- Saves about 40% more water and energy than a standard 2.2GPM or 8,3LPM aerator that is 8,760 gallons or 40.500 litres of water annually!

Fast Payback time!

- very quick to retrofit on any standard faucet in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room or anywhere you have a faucet.

· It's mixing water and air together, and makes the water flow look like normal but in reality, it’s only about 5 litres per minute.

·No tools are necessary. (It has a Male thread which is 24mm)                

Check the water flow and the type of faucet and make sure it is suitable for your application.

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