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Eco-Eye Smart

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Eco-Eye Smart Electricity Monitor is our third generation design of energy monitor, the Smart is a very clever monitor indeed.

Recommended for:   Families, Couples, small offices.

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Daily Target Graph Data-Logging Demand only monitor Includes Transmitter and Sensor LED Traffic Lights USB Wall Mountable

Our third generation design of Smart energy monitor,

The Eco Eye Smart is a very clever electricity monitor indeed. Equipped with the same basic features as the Old Elite and Mini, Smart is also loaded with some exciting brand new ones and is able to store historical data for 128 days. Battery life is 18 to 24 months dependent on battery choice, function and data output selections.

Eco Eye Smart allows you to set your own daily usage target – your attention is immediately grabbed by the onboard instantaneous traffic light load indicators which alert you to excessive usage and the Daily Usage Target Graph which makes it easy to see if you are under or over your target. You can up your energy watching game to an even more advanced level by connecting to a computer with the optional Memory Card and USB cable or you can buy a complete Smart PC kit.

Product Displays

  • KW- Hour, day, week, month, year (instant load)
  • Cost (£,$,€, Money Icon) - Hour, Week, Day, Month, Year
  • Amps
  • Time 
  • Temperature (at Display)
  • Programmable Display
  • Target Graph 
  • USB (optional)
  • Memory Card (optional)

Pack contains:

1 x Smart display unit (Display size: 135 x 70 x – 40 mm)

1 x standard 13 mm sensor and cable

1 x Transmitter

2 x AA batteries

2 x C cell batteries

Plastic access key


  • andrew coultas

    A very well-made device, with attention to detail and quality foremost.

    First, it`s very accurate - I use it to check that my solar panels are working, the solar inverter tells me how much electricity I`m making but that`s in the garage - having a display in the house too is great. Whenever I`ve compared the two readings they are within a couple of watts of each other. The supplied electricity box key and tester module are nice touches. The item even mag\nages to look cute with it`s whizzy twirly aerial. And batteries are supplied - rare these days. I`m a very happycustomer.

    Luke Dosanjh

    Simply a great product that delivers real-time usage and history. We bought this for our large property to see which appliances used the most electricity and where we could make a difference with LED vs Halogen. It was also great to see the variation over the year with underfloor heating etc and make adjustments with out usage. It was also a gentle reminder to turn lights off regularly, especially for the children!

    Rachel Hilton

    Essential piece of kit if you are interested in reducing your electricity consumption. Easy to fit, easy to set up and easy to read. I love it!

    Richard Elwell

    Excellent product and service. The unit provides most of the information required, and the visual alerts are very useful. This is much more useful than the Smart meters presently being installed by the power companies.
    Two suggestions:
    1. If not connected to a computer the system does not show hourly historic consumption, unlike my old mini which held the last 30 hrs. I think the availability of this would be an advantage.
    2. It would be an improvement if the unit held the information when connected to a computer, such that the computer did not have to be on all the time. When turned on, the computer would automatically download the new data. This would be more convenient than using the memory card.

    1. Eco Eye Comment: There is limited daily history on the display itself which can be accessed via the blue arrow up to 127 days.
    alternatively, all the history is stored on the MMC card and can be accessed using our free software.

    2. Eco Eye Comment: we will look into this in the future and see if its possible, Thank you

    Hagop Matossian

    I really like this unit. It has multiple time and usage settings. I leave it on the hour setting so it shows me exactly how much electricity I am using and I can easily work out what it would cost for the hour if I kept using it. I like seeing how the KW in use fluctuates depending on what is happening in the house. If it looks too high at any point I run around turning lights off and this is satisfying and will save me money! I like being able to easily flick back over the last few days to see what we used. All batteries it needs are included. Reduction of consumption is the first step!

    Mark Brown

    Really well made piece of kit and very simple to install at home in only a few minutes.
    I tested the accuracy using clusters of 200 Watt lighting and it was spot on.
    The kWh option is nice, however entering your current tariff and seeing how much money your are spending as appliances cut in and out is fabulous!
    I have now LEDs throughout and the can see how much I am saving from what I was paying before.

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