USB Data Cable

USB Data Cable

USB Data Cable

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USB Data Cable For use with Eco-eye Smart and Eco-eye Elite 100/200 Enables a real-time data stream direct to a PC or system network 

Price: £9.60

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Data-Logging USB

Enables a real-time data stream directly to a PC or system network

Supplied with our ‘Trax’ analysis software which provides data export options such as.CSV for direct input into Microsoft Excel, etc.

For use with: Eco-eye Smart or Elite 100/200.

The cable supplied will have the latest chip that works with all versions of Windows, Linux and Mac. The latest cable can be identified by a green moulding around the USB plug.

The previous black end cable works with Windows XP and 7 as well as Linux and Mac.

  • Paul Jerome

    Useful addition to the Eco-eye, enabling me to monitor the input from my panels, and outgoing electricity usage in real time in graph form.
    Very slight minor points.
    It is a non-standard usb connector, adding to the dozens of different usb leads that I have.
    To enable monitoring by the minute, I have to leave the computer on, as the eco-eye unit only seems to record per day when I download.

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