Eco-Eye Elite 2

Eco-Eye Elite 2

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With a large, clear screen our Eco-eye Elite Electricity Monitor is suitable for wall mounting as well as desk or table top use. 

Recommended users: Businesses, Families, Schools 

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The Eco-eye Elite Energy Monitor is suitable for wall mounting as well as desk or table top use. Supplied with one sensor for normal domestic use or can accept up to two additional sensors (see ‘Accessories below’) in order to monitor additional supply cables or three phase supply – usually industrial and business premises only. The Elite supports dual tariffs.


Product Displays

  • KW- Hour (instant load)
  • Cost (£,$,€, Money Icon) - Hour, Week, Day, Month, Year
  • Amps
  • Time 
  • Temperature (at Display)
  • Dual Tariff
  • Programmable Display

Kit Contains:

1 x Elite Display (70 x 80 x 25 mm)
1 x Transmitter
1 x Standard 13mm Sensor
1 x LED Tester
1 x Plastic Access Key
1 x Instructions 
4 x AA Batteries 

  • Clive Cooper

    I bought my Eco-Eye Elite 2 as a replacement for an original Eco-Eye, in use since 2008.
    Having read that my existing unit had been replaced with an upgraded version, now to include temperature indication, Economy 7 etc, I decided to upgrade.
    I was pleased to see that the Eco-Eye Elite 2 works exactly as expected although I dont need to use all its functions.
    The addition of a cable tester, to check that the supply current sensor is working properly and an optional clip-on antenna will be welcomed by certain users having dificulties with their particular installation.


    I downloaded the Manual, had a good read, and then installed the Trax software on Windows 10 Pro. And when I connected the Display to my PC with the USB cable, there it all was - Everything I wanted to see about instantaneous usage.

    I've red some reviews about Trax saying that it wasn't very good, too basic, and other things they probably didn't understand. But it really is a great piece of software, and does exactly what I would have expected.

    So I am really pleased with Eco-Eye, and Trax.

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