Eco Eye Smart 300

Eco Eye Smart 300

Eco Eye Smart 300

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The Smart 300 has the same computer connectivity options as the Smart 600 but comes with 3 smaller sensors for cables up to 13mm diameter

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Eco-eye Smart is at the very centre of our new and evolving family of domestic and commercial energy monitoring products. It is simple to operate whilst allowing the user to display and analyse the data received in detail, with or without connection to a PC or computer.

Like all Eco-eye monitors, the large and uncluttered screen features a single numeric value for each display option and allows the user to easily view their preferred mode (KW, Cost, Amps, etc.) with any time period (hour, day, week, month or year). The unit also has a resettable ‘counter’ mode which allows the user to measure usage over any time period.

Eco-eye Smart is a ‘wire-free’ device that utilizes cutting edge micro-power technology avoiding the need for a main power connection whilst still retaining the fastest update rate of any monitor. Eco-eye Smart updates every 4 seconds – that’s over 20,000 updates a day – yet a pair of standard batteries in the display and sensor will provide an estimated life of around 2 years.

Why battery powered? Being wire-free enables Eco-eye Smart to be positioned anywhere in your home or business premises and allows the user to move freely around seeking out those power hungry devices. There is also an option to use AC mains adaptors at the sensor and receiver if preferred. All incoming transmissions are signified by flashing one of the three LED ‘traffic lights’ to indicate whether the current load is in line with the user’s chosen settings.

The user can input their own total daily usage target (KWh) which is constantly displayed graphically – there is also a real-time mode which displays the actual percentage of the target used and is updated every 4 seconds.

Eco-eye Smart is able to transfer data to a PC, either in real-time using the USB interface cable or with data logged to an MMC card. The MMC card has a capability of storing up to 10 years’ data at a resolution of 4 seconds granularity and can be analyzed in close detail using our ‘Trax’ software.

Eco-eye Smart is also firmware upgradeable by the user and is equipped with transceiver technology enabling bi-directional wireless data transfer to ensure that it remains compatible with the evolving Eco-eye energy management product range.

Product Displays

  • KW- Hour, day, week, month, year (instant load)
  • Cost (£,$,€, Money Icon) - Hour, Week, Day, Month, Year
  • Amps
  • Time 
  • Temperature (at Display)
  • Programmable Display
  • Target Graph 

Pack contains:

  • 1 x Smart display unit
  • 3 x 100A 13 mm sensor and cable
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Eco-eye Memory Card
  • 1 x Data cable
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • 2 x C cell batteries
  • Plastic access key
  • Instructions

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