Safe use of memory cards

Memory card safe eject

Why do you need to use the windows eject rather than just pulling the card out?

Back in the old days, computers regarded disks as being permanently attached so, to speed things up, kept the most recent information in memory, only writing it every so often. Removable memory changed this, but the operating system still kept information in memory but maybe writing it a bit more often.

The only way to be sure that the memory card is up to date is to use the windows eject command. This can be found with a right-click on the drive letter in My Computer. 

Eco-eye Smart users should always use the eject as the card has details of the last update operation written to it. This is a small file so you might get away with it most of the time but when you need to initialise the card you could end up with a corrupted card.

Added Tuesday 7th July 2015