Cost effective in roof solar panels?

Cost effective in roof solar panels?

Solarcentury have been supplying solar roof tiles for some time but the price has always been an issue, but that have now launched Sunstation this is a fully building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system that`s black in color, and sits flush with the line of your roof and is a similar price to existing panels.

Wayne Hemmingway is one of the early adopters. Here`s what he had to say about the product:

"Great-looking solar is now available for people looking to generate their own energy and reduce their energy bills, whilst maintaining the character of the home. If you’ve been put off by traditional solar panels before, your worries are alleviated. We are fussy about the detail of our home that my wife designed, but Sunstation does not compromise the clean lines. Installing Sunstation also allows us to do our bit for the environment, and be thrifty.”

Solarcentury Sunstation



Added Monday 1st June 2015