Energyhive - Real Time Hub

Energyhive - Real Time Hub

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The Energyhive hub will connect your Eco-eye SmartPV with the internet giving you remote, real-time access to your system.

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Data-Logging Web enabled Solar Power Monitor

Eco-eye have joined forces with Energyhive to take your SmartPV to a new dimension.

Energyhive is a unique service which lets you measure and monitor your energy generation and consumption with comparison with similar households.

To see a demonstration of the system click on this link Demo dashboard

The pack contains:

  • Energyhive hub
  • UK 3 pin power supply
  • RJ45 cable to connect to your internet router

To install the system you will require:

  • A working Eco-eye SmartPV
  • A spare power socket near to your internet router
  • A spare network port on your internet router 

Easy to install - just plug into the power and your internet router with the supplied cables and it will find your SmartPV, ready for you to set up in your account.

  • Victor Simpson

    Great wee product. Very small, and allows me to see real time generation and usage from anywhere that has internet access.

    victor simpson

    Great wee item. Very small and unobtrusive. Lets you see real-time PV generation and usage anywhere you have internet access.


    Easy and almost complete product. Make its job great. but I would prefere it use internal web server using private lan instead of transfer data outside on energyhive servers, this is the only reason for 4 stars

    Giannino Veronese

    Excellent product, easy to install, allows you to have an eye on the state of consumption of the house. Excellent app mobile !!!

    Mike Sharp

    I have one of these gateway units. It works great.
    You get a real time and historic view of your usage on a simple to use website.

    Really simple to set up. Highly recommended.

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