Economy 7 time clocks

High bills in all electric property

A very nice lady rang us recently to ask what sort of Eco-eye monitor she should buy. We needed to know a bit more in order to give her the right advice and found that she had recently moved into an all electric property and her bills were very high.

There are lot of things that could cause this but I advised her to check her bill first. On an Economy 7 bill there will be a number of units used during the off-peak period and a number of units used during the peak rate period. At this time of year, with water heating and storage heaters charging, the off-peak units should be much higher than the peak units.

She found that she was using a lot more peak(expensive) units than off-peak. The reason? The clock that switches on the storage heaters was wrong and they were heating up while the electricity was at its most expensive.

A nice refund was achieved and the clock set properly!

Moral of this story: check your bill carefully!



Added Monday 15th February 2016