Eco Eye SmartPV

The Eco-Eye Smart PV Electricity Monitor is an essential piece of equipment for anyone using photovoltaic/ micro generation installations.

This kit contains everything you need to monitor generated and used power. 


Memory Card Slot Cleaning Kt

Memory Card Slot Cleaner

Remove the dust in the slot of your Eco Eye or digital Camera.

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Cleaning Cloth with a special material. Can also remove dust and fingerprints on the surface of your CD, LCD Monitor, Lens etc. 

Memory Card Reader

Card Reader Plug and play high speed data transfer USB power supply. No external power required. Suitable for use with the Eco-eye Memory Card which comes with Eco-eye Smart PC..

Eco-Eye Smart

Eco-Eye Smart Electricity Monitor is our third generation design of energy monitor, the Smart is a very clever monitor indeed.

Recommended for:   Family's, Couples, small offices, 

For our USA Customers please use drop down menu and choose the Smart USA.

Eco-Eye Smart PC

Eco-Eye Smart PC Electricity Monitor, Everything you need for PC connectivity in one box.

Recommended for: Families, Couples, Small offices

Eco-Eye Upgrade Pack

Smart Upgrade Pack Suitable for all original Elite and Mini users 

Recommended for:  Existing Users of Eco Eye with older models

Eco-Eye Solo SmartPV

Used in conjunction with your main Eco-eye Smart PV system, this additional display has the same range of information and updates simultaneously using the same wireless connection.

Eco Eye Smart 600

Eco-eye Smart 600 offers data logging to a memory card and live readings through a USB cable. Each of the 3 large sensors can handle up to 200 amps.

Eco Eye Smart 300

The Smart 300 has the same computer connectivity options as the Smart 600 but comes with 3 smaller sensors for cables up tp 13mm diameter

USB Data Cable

USB Data Cable For use with Eco-eye Smart and Eco-eye Elite 100/200 Enables a real-time data stream direct to a PC or system network 

Smart Accessory Bundle

Smart Accessory Bundle Save money when you purchase a USB data cable and Eco-eye Memory Card together.