Intelligent Immersion I2W

Intelligent Immersion I2W

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Previously known as the I3, an update to the I2 which looks nearly the same but includes powerful new features. It has a Wi-Fi transmitter built in that enables a smartphone, tablet or PC to control and monitor the I2W from the internet or locally via your router. Graphs and dials showing energy flows in the I2W, such as on the dashboard here, can be displayed. Single click on it to show a larger view. 2 sensors are included but four different current transformer sensors can be monitored. (Order up to 2 extra sensors below)

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Daily Target Graph Data-Logging Demand only monitor Web enabled Dual Tariff Includes Transmitter and Sensor LED Traffic Lights Monitor Only Solar Power Monitor USB Wall Mountable 3 phase ready

About the I2W

The history of your data can also be stored in cloud storage for later retrieval. Further inputs and outputs enable extra items to be controlled or monitored in an "Internet of Things". For instance, it is possible to set up a connection to your central heating or heat pump from the I2W and turn it on or off remotely from your phone. Excellent for getting your house warmed up as you come back from a holiday. 

Using the extra inputs you could  say monitor thermostats to decide what actions to take. The dashboard is easily user configurable to set up rules to act on the inputs and the energy data. Text and email alerts can be sent if certain conditions are met. Very useful for sending a low-temperature alert for an unoccupied holiday let. All in all, it is a home automation hub as well as a solar diverter.

Existing customers who have an I2 may be able to upgrade their I2 to an I2W. Please contact us for more details.


For further information please download the data sheet here

  • Nicholas Fuller

    I own the EcoEys Smart PV plus a spare monitor, I have one set to show the amount of solar power generated and the other showing the net house position (how much I am exporting or importing, allowing for the amount I am generating on the roof) - I fact I own two of these pairs, one upstairs in my study and one downstairs in the kitchen.

    I also bought an I3 and have been very pleased with the results, I posted my long term review recently on Trustpilot, copied below:

    I have been running the Wi-Fi version (named I3) of this since 2014, during the months of April/May to September it diverts sufficient surplus solar generated electricity to heat the hot water tank in our 4 bed semi so I can turn off the overnight heating element. It paid for itself in around 2 years, in the other months it tops up the tank with heat. It is very responsive to changes in solar generation or household load so will cut in or out when the sun comes out from behind a cloud or the kettle goes on. I bought the version with two add-ons - an extra relay which I use to divert the solar surplus to a panel heater in the kitchen via an Energenie smart socket once the immersion tank is up to temperature plus an additional energy monitor which tracks consumption of our night storage heaters. I can track generation and consumption activity via either via an online portal or through an app. Although there is a bit of configuration to do at the time of purchase, UK based technical support is readily available. In summary, the unit operates flawlessly to the extent that I have bought a second one which is installed in a rental property, the only fly in the ointment is the web based portal which is provided by a third party, it provides the information you need but is not as polished as its competitors however to its credit it does allow other systems to be controlled which is how my Energenie smart socket is turned on and off.

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