Check out our options and features.
  • Save money in the Office
    Include 3 phase options.
  • See demand and generate
    Check out our options and features.
  • Detailed history on your computer
    Data logging and real-time options

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Electricity Monitors

Welcome to Eco-Eye - the home of Eco-eye real-time electricity monitors and wireless energy monitors

Our Features

Simple installation

no need for an electrician

Save Energy, Money & Co2!

Eco Eye Monitors can save you 15% off energy bills

Easy to Read Displays

Energy watching couldn’t be easier

Award Winning

Best Buy status by Which? magazine

Designed in the UK

Eco-eye products are British designed

Energy monitors to suit everyone

Home, commercial and micro-generation

With electricity prices continuing to rise, now is the time to take positive action and commit to energy saving.

and more...

Electricity monitors are wireless displays with a main function of showing you how much you are using right now, at a glance.
All of the Eco-eye Electrcity Monitoring range do this by showing a single, easily readable, number that the user can chose to see either as electrical units or money
All of the Energy Monitoring displays store the readings but the Eco-eye Smart adds logging to a memory card for computer analysis.
Any problems -Just let us know, we are happy to help whatever your need or problem!

Introduction to Eco-eye Electricity Monitors

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