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Since then, in the sequence of imitation of the nations, there has never been a real "tourbillon" series of imitations, only by the end of 2018, a new generation of molders introduced the modification of the Seagull based automatic tourbillon movement. The imitation of the new Cal.61106 calibre has emerged in the eyes of the world. In the next two years, the movement made some minor modifications in the function and tourbillon position, and then modified the dial of the replica watches to meet the needs of more people.

The blue dial IW546301 is a special version of the IW546301 that is completely modified according to the tradition of the watch. (Note: this watch is not genuine) on the website of the high-profile table Related product maps, I also took a set of photos according to my style for everyone to see. By the way, I will use this form to give you some knowledge about replica watches.

Here, we will give you a way to dismantle the replica watches with the screw back cover. The replica watch is metal VS metal in the process of assembly and disassembly. As long as there is loading and unloading, there will be traces, but a good watchmaker will have a variety of ways to avoid unnecessary scratches,

When removing the screws, you can use a steel screwdriver for the relatively tight screws. When installing the screws, the screwdriver of the steel material is very easy to scratch the screws, even screwing the screws directly fake rolex, because the screwdriver head The steel will be harder than the steel of the screw.

The ear of the general replica watch is disassembled, its practical screwdriver, or small blade can be fixed. In fact, regular maintenance also has special tools. Called the ear ear, there is a slender buckle that can just catch the ear, neither the deformation of the ear due to excessive force, nor the situation of scratching the leather strap. But such a tool does not actually improve efficiency. Personally, it feels like no screwdriver and blade.

This tool is generally used on replica watches with more expensive crocodile skin materials, which is a bit costly. We are not very familiar with this tool, unless it is a replica watches with a crocodile skin sold by the government.