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Every watch brand known to watch has one or several of its own side jobs, most of which are related to sports, some related to historical origins, and some are elements of late joining, such as Breitling used to provide relevant aircraft. The instrumentation equipment his associated sideline is aviation, which belongs to the historical origins, but also the modern re-emergence. For example, the related sideline of Longines is equestrian and so on... Too much, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is about the offshore type in 1993 (there is one It is said that it was a luxury sports watch that appeared in 1989. It can be said that it is a watch without history.

This imitation of the Aegis Royal Oak offshore molder is the first molder in the world of high imitation to use the Cal.3126 movement deck on the 12@7750 movement. This imitation is also The latest in the new model replica watches, the shape of this watch is different from other Royal Oak offshore models from the front and rear locking screws, to the ring, to the movement deck, all redesigned. The head is made of titanium material, so it will be lighter than steel in texture, but it will also have the color of steel material. The texture is completely different. The bezel is made of steel outer ring and carbon fiber material is placed on the inside of the bezel. According to legend, the earliest carbon fiber material was used in racing cars (I have not verified this). The dial and hands are made of SuperLume luminous material and spliced ​​leather strap.

This high imitation limited edition MONTOYA Audemars Piguet Royal Oak off-road watch features a new movement deck Cal.2226 movement, which is identical in principle to the replica Cal.3126 movement, but this one The movement to search for relevant information on Baidu is actually very small, so the model is based on what imitation. These can only be obtained through some foreign information websites. The domestic information is relatively slow to start, so some of them are incomplete. Take this Cal.2226 movement as an example. The time of the movement on the foreign website is 2002. At that time... my home still uses the 52K phone line to dial up. The next picture is in the video screenshot, when the genuine automatic rudder is not the latest version. You can compare it.

Someone will ask, Mr.Lin, how have you always written articles that are just single-table? I think that the technical stickers seem to be relatively new, but the audience is very small. If you are not a master of repairing the table, it is difficult to see what I am talking about. This is the result of my feedback from the forum table friends. The conclusion is that the explanation of the watch is fake watches actually more valuable than the technical sticker, compared to the average watch friend.