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Panerai's Luminor Sealand is a niche series in the Panerai. Every year, there are some limited editions in the form of clamshells. It seems to have a relationship with the Principality of Sealand, but I have not found it on the Internet. With clear evidence, interested friends can search for it. Each flip has a theme, and it is only available for one region, or something that has a meaningful impact on the brand that year. In the past, replica Panerai The Luminor Sealand collection has been available for sale in Hong Kong for the Zodiac. The latest Luminor Sealand collection is Luminor 1950 Sealand 3 Day Automatic Acciaio pays tribute to Kuwait's longtime partner and distributor Ali Morad Behbehani. Limited to 35 pieces, the above is my understanding of Luminor Sealand, if interested friends can go to search replica watches, add in my high imitation forum, local forum.

You can see the photos I took about this Luminor Sealand. You might think that this style is still not too outdated even in the current 2016, because it is very novel, because he uses the classic Luminor of Panerai. The Panehai Luminor series is recognized as the classic shape of the 111 & 005) and has a flip function on this shape, but you can hardly imagine that this is a high replica watch that has been launched in 2009. Wrong, from 2009 to the present, in seven years, no matter how many times the order is turned over, the molder is still using the template for 2009. (Because he is good enough) At the same time, this replica watch is the originator of the entire series of Luminor Sealand. So far, all the high-profile Panerai Luminor Sealand is based on this replica watch. Production. However, because it is a high-grade imitation watch, its excellent workmanship and equipped with the Chinese-made imitation ETA7750 movement, the price was at that time it was a "high-priced watch" (at that time the younger brother was still playing soy sauce in the watch city... Of course Now, too), to be honest, I didn’t really understand the work of this replica watch at that time. Of course, I wouldn’t look at the work, only the price.

The workmanship advantage of this watch is that the replica watches case factory of this watch is for the processing of wire drawing, as well as the later assembly. Now it must be done at a great cost. This kind of different angles, the drawing rate of drawing at different positions Very high, (it is easy to pull the entire outer casing) At the same time as a flip fake watch, the upper flip cover and the case must be separately processed, and then assembled later, so the high imitation table at that time only involved the flip cover, the hinge part must be There are gaps, (the size of the docking between different hardware manufacturers is difficult to say clearly) However, this replica watch does not have any signs of loose. Even today, even after 7 years, it is a big hit. You can take a look at the photos I took and take a look at the top-class high-profile Panerai 7 years ago.

Although in terms of details, this watch is definitely not as good as the current high-profile Panerai, but also the deck, and the extremely in-depth study of the bridge, etc., which is enjoyable, and is also used literally. SuperLume luminous, (the original authentic did not use P.9000 movement and SuperLume luminous.

But in the work of the whole table, this replica watches is completely comparable to the best high-quality Panerai sea. I have seen a lot of watch cases after I saw this high-profile Panerai, and I have never done such a case. This shows that the shell factory should no longer involve the production of high replica watches.