Eco-Eye Real Time Electricity Monitors
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The flow chart below is designed to help you should have any problems with Eco-Eye electricity monitors.

If you are still experiencing difficulty using your Eco-Eye products, please email us:

Troubleshooting for Eco-eye Smart range
bullet point The memory card is not recognised by Smart
Symptom: The MC icon is not on or flashing when the memory card is inserted into Smart.
This means that the memory card is not recognised and so will not be recording. Solution: Check that the memory card is inserted correctly with the contacts facing you. If the MC icon still does not come on, please contact Eco-eye Support.
bullet point Trax says my card is empty.
Smart has not been writing to the card/
Solution: Check that the memory card is inserted correctly with the contacts facing you. This is essential. If the MC icon still does not come on, please contact Eco-eye Support
bullet point The MC icon flashes on and then goes off when the memory card is inserted
This means that Smart has seen that there is already data on the card but it has been rebooted so does not know where to append new data to the card.
Solution: Use TRAX to download all existing data from the card, then use the initialise button to clear the data from the card. Your readings are stored on your computer so will not be lost and when you next download readings from the cards, they will be added to your existing data store.
bullet point Smart beeps and all the LEDS come on when the memory card is inserted.
This means that the memory card is not properly formatted for Smart
Memory cards are specially selected and formatted for use in Smart.
Solution Please contact Eco-eye support for a replacement
bullet point How do I find out the firmware version of my Smart?
Use the green round button on the display to get it to show Kw and the green rectangular button to select HOUR. Press and hold the green rectangular button until SET and the Voltage comes up. Press the green rectangular button again. The version number will be displayed for about a second before the display reverts to KW.
bullet point When troubleshooting radio reception problems the latest releases of Smart firmware has a display of the received signal strength.
This can be found by using the red button on the amps screen on Smart or the red button on time on SmartPV. This is displayed as a number between 30 and -30. Anything above -15 should give good readings. Make sure that you are not holding the display when using this display as your body acts as an antenna and so the number will not be correct
bullet point I see occasional spikes on the real-time screen.
Check the received signal strength on Smart and try positioning Smart elsewhere in order to get the best reception.
If you are not on Smart firmware version 5020 or SmartPV version 6051 contact support for an update.
bullet point The display is not changing.
First find out if it is the display or the transmitter: Press the green rectangular button; does the display change between hour/day or is there no response to pressing the key? If there is no response to the button then the display has frozen and will probably need to be reset.
If the display does change, wait 30 seconds to see if the display starts updating again. If it does your display was out of range of the transmitter and had gone into sleep mode to save battery power. Check the positioning of the transmitter and display to improve radio reception.
If the screen is still not updating, check the transmitter.
The transmitter has 2 LEDs that flash every 4 seconds (but not necessarily together) The green LED flashes when data is transmitted. The red LED flashes to show that the transmitter is in phase with the mains.

If the red LED is not flashing:
Check the foil sensor is wrapped around a live cable.
Remove the 6 way plug from the transmitter and put it back in.
Take a battery out, wait 10 seconds and put it back in.

If the green LED is double flashing, the batteries need replacing

if the green LED is not flashing – check and if necessary replace the batteries

bullet point The display is working but the number is zero.
Check the sensors and that both the LEDs on the transmitter are flashing every 4 seconds
bullet point The display is working but the demand figure is higher than it should be.
Try reversing the direction of the grid sensor so that the arrow is pointing in the other direction
bullet point At the end of the install I get an error message about installing the Prolific driver for the USB cable.
Solution: Install the driver manually from the c:\eco-eye\programs folder
bullet point TRAX fails to run after installing
This may be due to a fault with the automatic update check.
Contact support for the latest version
bullet point The history on the real-time screen does not work
Make sure that you are receiving good readings on your Smart.
Contact Support for the latest version
bullet point The summary analysis graphs are not showing how much I should be getting on the FIT
Enter your tariff details on the set-up window, then refresh the graph
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