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bullet point We’ve been voted ‘Best Electricity Monitor’ by Smart Planet
bullet point Eco-Eye reviewed as 'an excellent product' by Renewable Energy UK
bullet point What said about Eco-Eye
bullet point

Money Supermarket gives Eco-Eye Elite top marks

bullet point UK Energy also gives top marks to Eco-Eye Elite
bullet point What Blenheim House Reviews say about Eco-Eye
bullet point Eco-eye products given "Best Buy" status by Ethical Consumer Magazine
bullet point Which Magazine award Eco-Eye Best Buy Status
bullet point Centre for Sustainable Energy Report to the Energy Saving Trust give Feedback on Eco-eye Elite
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What Smart Planet thought about Eco-eye:
‘We like: The low price; that it's simple to fit and to use;  the eye-opening information it provides…

A couple of years from now, electricity meters will probably be beaming power consumption data straight to our iPhones. Until then, monitors like the Eco-eye are a great way to track just how much power we're using - and to instantly see the financial and environmental benefits of moving to a low-energy lifestyle.

Visit the website at

Score: 8.5 - Score breakdown:
Quality Value Ethics Green
8.5 8.0 8.7 8.9
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Renewable Energy UK
And another review we think is worth a look is featured on the website of

‘We trialled Eco-Eye Elite and Eco-Eye Mini for one month, and so what follows are the results of our extensive research and testing…

Overall Conclusions

Eco-Eye is an excellent product. It has the build quality of OWL (formerly known as Electrisave), more history functions than Efergy, and uses its batteries efficiently. It is also very easy to install, initialise, and use, and as explained below is well priced. With the  integration with Wi-Eye, it will be able to transfer all collected data directly to a computer in realtime - a feature which will be of great interest to many customers.’

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Here’s what said about Eco-eye:
The latest wireless energy monitor, manufactured in the UK,  is       packed with features…

Like most wireless energy monitors, Eco-eye displays your estimated current household electricity consumption in Kilowatts and pence per hour.

In addition to these figures, with the simple press of a button, Eco-Eye can translate that same information into a projected total cost by day, week, month and year. Eco-eye can also display your greenhouse gas emissions in the same form, and has a built-in memory function which enables you to view historical usage and costs over a period of up to 32 months.

Channel selection

One of the issues we've experienced here while evaluating many different brands of wireless electricity monitors is that when two monitors of the same type are situated close to each other it can be quite difficult to determine if the display unit is picking up signals from the correct transmitter. This may present a problem in modern, high density housing where meters are often in external boxes and situated quite close to each other. In a feature unique to the Eco-Eye, both the transmitter and receiver can be set to operate on any of 30 selectable channels to avoid possible interference.’

For more information visit the website:

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Eco-eye Elite has been given top marks by Money

Read this report by Paul Schofield, Head of Utilities. Published 20 June 2008.

Smart ways to save money on energy bills

As well as finding the best product, wanted to find a new way to help you become more energy conscious. As a result, we set up a sample group to test a range of 'home energy monitors'.

The sample monitors are designed to show users how much energy they are using in kWh or £s.

How do they work?

Simply clip the wireless sensor on to your electricity meter (no electrician required!), put the home energy monitor somewhere you can easily see it and watch as it counts up the power you are using in real time. It even tells you the associated cost.

How do they compare? See right.

Product Efergy Energy Saving Meter OWL Wireless Energy Monitor Eco-Eye Elite Watson Home Energy Monitor
Set-Up 8/10 7/10 9/10 9/10
Looks 7/10 8/10 9/10 10/10
Practicality 6/10 8/10 9/10 8/10
Value 4/10 6/10 9/10 7/10
Overall 6/10 7/10 9/10 9/10
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Eco-eye Elite has also been given top marks by UK Energy

Read this report by Paul Schofield, Head of Utilities. Published 20 June 2008.

What UK Energy Saving say: "Energy Saving is now becoming a way of life for us all and a good way to start is to check how much electric you use at the moment. The Eco-Eye Elite will do just that for you by telling you not just how much electric you use but also how much it is costing and the impact on the environment by showing you how much your CO2 emissions are".

See their ratings below:

Energy Saving Ratings Advantages of Product
bullet point Performance
bullet point Value for Money
bullet point Packaging
bullet point Over-all Rating
bullet point Easy to set up (PDF from website easier to follow)
bullet point Wireless transmitter means no wires
bullet point Portable or Wall Mounted Display Unit
bullet point Makes you switch things off
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What Blenheim House Reviews say about Eco-Eye
"After a month the savings seem to be an average of around 4,000 watts each day, or about £180 a year.

The Eco-Elite now sits near our TV thus allowing easy monitoring of our electricity consumption, especially in the evening when usage is highest.

Of interest to computer users, Eco-Eye are soon to release Wi-Eye a receiver that plugs into a USB port and feeds the data from the sensor/transmitter into Eco-Eyes’ own software.

Eco Eye are launching a 3 phase version of the products in August which will have the ability of measuring not only single or 3 phase, but also up to 3 feeds from a single supply - ie. if you were wanting to measure a sum total of power used on 3 different areas in a property for instance.

The one question I have been asked by friends “is the Eco-Eye Elite worth £50”. Well the answer is YES, in just a few short weeks I have made changes that will save us around £180 a year and I am sure with some fine tuning an additional £100 saving a year can be made. All thanks to the user friendly Eco-Eye range of products".


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Eco-eye products given "Best Buy" status by Ethical Consumer Magazine
See table below for detailed analysis - for more information visit
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Eco-Eye was voted Best Buy in Which Magazine by 78%

bullet point Voted  Which? ‘Best Buy’ 78%
bullet point Accuracy
bullet point Ease of use (includes installation)

‘A Smart Move?’ article in Which? Magazine Published: October 2009

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Centre for Sustainable Energy Report to the Energy Saving Trust
Authors: Will Anderson and Vicki White August 2009
The study recruited a total of 38 participants to five demographically differentiated focus groups, each of whom trialed the various energy monitors currently available on the market. Eco-eye Elite was the focus and this is what was reported.

Feedback on Eco-eye Elite (Eco-eye Mini was not trialed)

“The user felt it was fool-proof … like the simplicity of it …easy to use.”

“Liked the single button to switch display options…I used every mode on it; looked at all of it”


Simple and easy to use
Very clear display
One button to scroll through display
Had all the information required


Too  big

Eco-eye comment:

“That’s why we also make Eco-eye Mini so we can give the customer a choice!”

Overall Score : 8/10

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Telephone: 01903 851910 Email:
Eco-eye Limited, The Modern Moulds Business Centre, 2-3 Commerce Way, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8TA