Eco-Eye Real Time Electricity Monitors
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Eco-Eye Smart PV

An essential piece of equipment for anyone using photovoltaic/ micro generation installations. With sensors on both the generated and demand cables, Smart PV provides full display and monitoring capabilities; displaying power generated, power used and net power. The on- board traffic light system instantly shows if you have a surplus or are using power from the grid. Smart PV can log generated electricity as well as demand to a computer by way of the included data cable or  memory card at four second resolution.


Pack contains:

bullet point 1 x Smart PV display unit
bullet point 2 x standard 13 mm sensor and cables
bullet point 1 x Smart PV transmitter
bullet point 1 x Voltage sensor
bullet point 2 x AA batteries
bullet point 2 x C cell batteries
bullet point 1 x USB cable
bullet point 1 x memory card
bullet point Plastic access key
bullet point Instructions
bullet point Supplied with Trax for analysis on a Windows computer
Photograph of the Eco-Eye Smart PV
Suitable for: Photovoltaic/Microgeneration installations

Available Now!

Price: £87.50
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Accessories you may need:
bullet point Card Reader
bullet point Solo Smart PV

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