Eco-Eye Real Time Electricity Monitors
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Eco-Eye Smart

Our third generation design of energy monitor, the Smart is a very clever monitor indeed. Equipped with the same basic features as the Elite and Mini, Smart is also loaded with some exciting brand new ones, and is able to store historical data for 128 days. Battery life i.e. average 3 years dependent on battery choice, function and data output selections, has been maximised using our sophisticated technology making it the king of energy efficiency. Smart allows you to set your own daily usage target – your attention is immediately grabbed by the on-board instantaneous traffic light load indicator which alerts you to excessive usage and the Daily Usage Target Graph which makes it easy to see if you are under or over your target. You can up your energy watching game to an even more advanced level by connecting to a computer with the optional Memory Card and USB cable or you can buy a complete Smart PC kit.

Pack contains:

bullet point 1 x Smart display unit (Display size: 135 x 70 x 40 mm; screen size: 110 x 44 mm)
bullet point 1 x standard 13 mm sensor and cable
bullet point 1 x Transmitter
bullet point 2 x AA batteries
bullet point 2 x C cell batteries
bullet point Plastic access key
bullet point Instructions

Recommended for: Domestic and commercial use

Price: £48.00
Photograph of the Eco-Eye Smart

Accessories you may need:
bullet point Standard 13 mm sensor
bullet point Large 17.5 x 22.5 mm sensor
bullet point USB data cable
bullet point Memory Card
bullet point Smart Solo
bullet point Solo Elite 2
bullet point Solo Mini 2
bullet point Mains adapter

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