Eco-Eye Real Time Electricity Monitors
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New Eco-Eye Products Unveiled
Our latest Eco-eye range caters for all needs - from those of the most basic entry level user to those hungry for statistical data - without adding adversely to the complexity or price of the core products.

A Few Words on our New Products and CERT compliance

The UK government-imposed CERT specification for real-time monitors has been the driving force behind our new product designs.  Thus, we have been able to move the new Eco-eye range forward in the knowledge that all our products meet the CERT specification for RTD’s (real-time displays).  Moreover, the new range goes way beyond what has been specified, leading the field into a new era.

The Eco-Eye Smart

A new display unit which has sophisticated software such as targets and graphs, as well as a unique traffic light alert system.

The primary function of any energy monitor is to provide clear, precise and meaningful information. Therefore Eco-eye Smart features a substantial 110 mm x 42 mm display area and user-selectable information is displayed in ‘one piece at a time’. Battery life is 2 years+ and there is an option to use mains power.

Features include:

bullet point Data storage via a media card
bullet point Direct data output via the new  USB Data Cable
bullet point Variable send rate, dependant on consumption
bullet point Options to read pulse outputs from gas and water meters
bullet point Supplied with our new self-powered sensor/transmitter (standard)
bullet point Can be supplied with our existing 3 input transmitter
bullet point Compact enough when packaged to fit through the standard UK letter box
This unit has been designed for high volume corporate orders and can be branded accordingly. Have we missed anything? Please call us on 01903 851910 to discuss any further requirements you may have.

Currently in field trials

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Self-Powered Sensor/Transmitter (as supplied with Eco-eye Smart)
They say that nothing comes for free but we know differently. The principle we have employed is well established; a sensing transformer is attached around the live cable without any direct contact, yet an electrical current is created which provides both the measurement signal and the means of powering the unit.

Magic? Not really – but whilst it’s pretty simple when measuring high currents, our challenge was to make the principle operate at <200w domestic currents. Investment in mixed-signal integration technology and an unwavering commitment to create something truly unique drove us to develop theproduct which is revolutionary both in its performance and physical size.

The unit simply clips onto the live cable being monitored and automatically begins transmitting the usage data – no cables, wires or additional equipment required. It can also be used with multiple display units, the Eco-eye USB Wireless Interface and Eco-eye Connex.  So no need for mains power or batteries - can you get any more eco-friendly? 

Currently in field trials
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Eco-eye USB Wireless Interface
We identified the need to offer simple computer and network connectivity as part of our range and this is now catered for with the Eco-eye USB Wireless Interface which offers bi-directional data transfer.
bullet point This unit features ‘transceiver’ technology enabling 2 way data traffic with home automation capabilities using Eco-eye Control units
bullet point Supplied with our ‘Trax’ bespoke analysis software which provides data export options such as .CSV for direct input into Microsoft Excel etc.
bullet point Firmware is user upgradeable via USBCompatible with all existing products and systems to provide wireless connectivity and control.
Currently in field trials
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We made a conscious decision to withhold the long-awaited Wi-eye as we felt it was ahead of its time and is far better placed in the new range of Eco-eye hardware and ‘Trax’ software.

bullet point Primarily a stand-alone data logger for use with all Eco-eye products, the Wi-eye collects historical data wirelessly for downloading onto a PC for statistical analysis at a later date
bullet point Multiple power options – mains, USB or on-board re-chargeable battery.
bullet point Intended for customers such as housing associations, landlords etc. where connection to a computer is not possible.
Currently in field trials
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Telephone: 01903 851910 Email:
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