Eco-Eye Real Time Electricity Monitors
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Elite 100 and Elite 200 Features
The Elite 100 and 200 have been designed specifically for three phase use in the commercial sector. Incorporating a large Elite screen with enhanced software, the Elite 100 is capable of measuring up to 100 Amps per phase whilst the Elite 200 is capable of measuring up to 200 Amps per phase. The Elite 100 is supplied with three standard 13 mm sensors; the Elite 200 comes with three larger 17.5 x 22 mm sensors. Both have the same features as the Eco-eye Elite as well as some extra ones.
Extra Features:

bullet point Can be calibrated to match specific loads between 90 and 255V
bullet point Shows values to 3 decimal places
bullet point Also has new pictorial currency icon
bullet point Displays inside temperature in °C
bullet point Can input 2 tariffs of electricity
bullet point Can easily be programmed to exact requirements using YES/NO buttons
bullet point Transmitter with logging port
Supplied with:
One Eilte display unit
Unit size:
Screen size:
Numeral size:
170mm x 80mm x 25mm
145mm x 50mm
Three sensors and cables ( Elite 100: standard 13 mm ; Elite 200: Larger 17.5 x 22 mm )
One transmitter unit 
4 x AA batteries
Plastic access key
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