Eco-Eye Real Time Electricity Monitors
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Eco-Eye Environmental and Ethical Policy
Eco-Eye is a trading division of Modern Moulds and Tools Ltd (which is part of The Modern Moulds Group). As the manufacturer of
Eco-eye real time electricity monitors which are designed primarily to help the environment, we take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously, actively encouraging all employees and associates to take an interest in protecting our world.
bullet point The group adheres to all aspects of legislation and regulations relating to the production of Eco-eye products and provides good working conditions for all employees and associates. The group has implemented an integrated Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001.
bullet point We source materials and components from suppliers in various parts of the world and do our best to ensure that these suppliers use ethical and environmentally friendly means in the provision of these goods.  We visit our primary suppliers at regular intervals and make every effort to ensure they satisfy our stringent conditions for the health, safety and general welfare of employees and the environment.
bullet point Any research and development is undertaken in an environmentally friendly way using minimal resources, with every stage of the process being evaluated with regard to its impact on the environment.
bullet point Transportation is carried out in the most environmentally efficient way and we make every effort to minimize our contribution to pollution of land, air, and water. We support local businesses wherever possible in order to minimize our carbon miles and ensure wastage is kept to a minimum by maximizing the efficient use of materials and resources.
bullet point As Eco-eye products are, by their very nature,
eco-friendly products, we have ensured that we have acted responsibly when it comes to our packaging.

All Eco-eye Elite packaging is made of recyclable card. Whilst some polystyrene has been included in the Eco-eye Mini packaging, many factors have been taken into account to justify its use in order to deliver the product safely to the consumer and at little risk to the environment.

We are continually re-evaluating our packaging and this is part of our overall business development plan.

Telephone: 01903 851910 Email:
Eco-eye Limited, The Modern Moulds Business Centre, 2-3 Commerce Way, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8TA