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Schools and Education
bullet point Open University Course uses Eco-Eye Electricity Monitors
bullet point Energy Efficiency to be taught in Schools
bullet point Eco-Eye take part in Eco-Summit hosted by their local partner school
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Eco-Eye help local school, St Thomas à Becket in Tarring, West Sussex with their Carbon Footprint Challenge

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Eco-Eye used by Open University ‘Energy Measurements at Home’ course.
Eco-eye is being used on an Open University course which is guaranteed to appeal to anyone who wishes to take more control of their household energy consumption and study for a formal qualification at the same time.

The ten week online  ‘Energy Measurements at Home’ course (T152) provides students with  two Eco-eye real-time electricity monitors – an Eco-eye Mini and an Eco-eye Plug-in -  as part of the equipment needed in order to complete the course tasks effectively. Students investigate all aspects of their household energy demands, appliances, heating and behaviour.

The course can count towards most Open University degrees at bachelor’s level, where it can help to weight a degree towards a BSc.

To find out more please visit:
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Eco-Eye in Schools
By 2020, the Government would like all schools to be models of energy efficiency, renewable energy use and water management. They should take the lead in their communities by showcasing wind, solar and bio-fuel energy, low-energy equipment, freshwater conservation, use of rainwater and other measures.

At Eco-eye we recognise that raising social awareness and changing consumer behaviour globally is crucial in order to make a significant impact on lowering carbon emissions.  Too many people over-consume and have developed bad habits, continually misusing the earth’s natural resources and leaving a legacy of problems for future generations.

We want to help break this cycle. That's why Eco-Eye is committed in supporting schools in this vital area so that today's children can become thinking, caring consumers.

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Worthing E.Y.E. Eco-Summit 7 June 2010
Karen and Peter were delighted to be invited to take part in the recent Eco-Summit hosted by our partner school, Thomas  à Becket Middle School, and which was attended by pupils from 9 different schools in the Worthing area as well as the Lady Mayoress of Worthing and local MP Tim Loughton who gave an address via a Podcast.

The EYE (Eco Young Engaged) Summit been running for the last three years with pupils even managing their own E.Y.E website:

The day raised many issues and involved some interesting group discussions and workshops based around the very serious issues of climate change and energy saving.

Karen led a workshop with various activities based on saving electricity while Peter engaged the pupils with his fun interactive demonstration on how household appliances waste power when on standby. 

We were really impressed with how much knowledge many of the pupils already have and hope that we did our bit to help them become model eco-citizens.  During one activity pupils wrote an energy saving message in their very own ‘eco-eyes’   We would like to thank everyone we met for making the day a great success.  We look forward to the next Eco-Summit in 2011.

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St Thomas à Becket – Our Local Eco School
We are delighted to have been able to help local school, St Thomas à Becket in Tarring, West Sussex with their Carbon Footprint Challenge over the past few months. We were invited to introduce Eco-eye to pupils and staff at a recent assembly with an interactive presentation which was good fun for everyone.
We even took part in the Christmas Fair so parents could find out how the school is saving energy with Eco-eye.  We are pleased to say we will be continuing to work with the school this year and will post more information here on their savings when we get it.
Article printed in the West Sussex Gazette - Wednesday 17th December 2008
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