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Eco Sense
By using these sensible money-saving ideas you will soon transform your home into an energy saving haven:
bullet point Use low-energy light bulbs. They last up to twelve times longer than regular bulbs and use up to 75% less electricity.
bullet point Switch over to a green electricity tariff. If everyone in the UK did this we could reduce carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes.
bullet point Kettles are very power-hungry so only boil as much water as you use. If we all did this we could save enough electricity to provide street lighting for the whole of the UK for 6 months.
bullet point Ensure your fridge is running at between 3-5°C.
bullet point Use  your washing machine on low temperature programmes between  30-40°C and try to dry your clothes naturally.
bullet point If you keep your PC on standby over night you could be wasting £63 per year. Make sure you turn it off when it is not in use.
bullet point Take a shower rather than a bath, but try to avoid power showers as they are not energy efficient.
bullet point Turn down your thermostat by one degree and save 10% off the energy used in heating your home.
bullet point Turn off your electrical appliances (DVDs, mobile phone chargers, TVs, computers, stereos) at the wall. Every year the country spends £730m on appliances being left on standby
bullet point Turn down your  hot water to 60°C
bullet point Keep the heat in your rooms by drawing your curtains at dusk
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