Eco-Eye Real Time Electricity Monitors
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Reasons to choose Eco-eye
Bullet Point 1. Eco-eye monitors update every 4 seconds; faster than any other monitor – that’s 21,600 transmissions per day
Bullet Point 2. Eco-eye monitors use micro-power technology in order to maximise battery life whilst still allowing you the option to use mains adaptors if preferred
Bullet Point 3. Eco-eye are the only monitors on the market that display data in alternative ‘screens’ for increased clarity
Bullet Point 4. Eco-eye is the only monitor that can handle up 200 amps per input (x 3)
Bullet Point 5. Eco-eye is the only brand of energy monitor to offer three different screen sizes
Smart version
Bullet Point 6. Eco-eye allows you to set your own daily usage target
Bullet Point 7. Eco-eye displays readings every 4 second with a ‘traffic light’ flash to visibly denote instantaneous power load
Bullet Point 8. Eco-eye can constantly output serial data stream to a PC via the transmitter or the display unit (also Eco-eye Mini 2)
Bullet Point 9. Eco-eye is the only monitor to allows data logging to a memory card
Bullet Point 10. Eco-eye allows you to input your own daily usage target and constantly shows progress towards this on a bar graph
Bullet Point 11. Eco-eye Trax analysis software is free and can be configured to automatically email daily reports and hourly high usage alerts
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